• Keynote Speakers_ICIET 2021

    IEEE Fellow, Prof. Kenichi Kanatani, Okayama University, Japan


Biography: Kenichi Kanatani received his B.S., M.S, and Ph.D. in applied mathematics from the University of Tokyo, Japan, in 1972, 1974, and 1979, respectively. After serving as Professor of computer science at Gunma University, Japan, and Okayama University, Japan, he retired in 2013 and is now Professor Emeritus of Okayama University.  He is the author of ``Group-Theoretical Methods in Image Understanding'' (Springer, 1990), ``Geometric Computation for Machine Vision'' (Oxford University Press, 1993), ``Statistical Optimization for Geometric Computation: Theory and Practice'' (Elsevier Science, 1996), ``Understanding Geometric Algebra: Hamilton, Grassmann, and Clifford for Computer Vision and Graphics (CRC Press, 2015), ``Ellipse Fitting for Computer Vision: Implementation and Applications'' (Morgan & Claypool, 2016), and ``Guide to 3D Vision Computation: Geometric Analysis and Implementation'' (Springer 2016).  He is a Fellow of IEICE, IEEE, and IAPR.